From Oblivion to “You’ve got cancer!”

For at least most of 2016, I’ve dealt with intermittent hip/leg pain. They’d come and go and then be better for weeks on end. Then the back aches began, again not sure when. Then, I noticed a pain on the top of my shoulder, about the size of a dime which only hurt, like a bruise, only when you touched it. 

I was still oblivious.

Then, the rib pains came. While trying to treat the back as a spasm, I got the first  MRI. It’s results showed either an abnormality or a movement, so a second MRI was ordered for January 5th.

Me? Still oblivious.

For the second MRI, they checked my kidney functions before injecting dye and found my kidney functions severely low. I was pretty high, from the lorazepam, to even get in the second MRI, which is hilarious and I’ll try and cover that day sometime. So off to a kidney specialist for some tests. 

You guessed it, I was still oblivious.

Friday, January 6th, I got a call from the kidney specialist, and I was “ordered” to the hospital. Sometime Saturday January 7th, I was informed that I had some kind of back or bone cancer.

I was no longer oblivious.


One thought on “From Oblivion to “You’ve got cancer!”

  1. Glenn, you are one of the strongest people I know. Cancer of any kind is my swear word. Even in the bad times, God is good. His love for you is never-ending He will never fail you. I am praying with you & for you as you travel this journey. Much love, Ms.Janice


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