January 16

Met with the Dr. All test results not in, but probably will be this week.

Came home with 5 more meds. I’m officially old, as I now have a pill box to sort them out. But, I’m using a digital calendar to keep track of them, so maybe not too old… Began the “chemotherapy “, but it’s not supposed to be too bad and will most likely not lose my hair. 

So for now, I think 5 pills every day, one pill twice a day, daily, 2 shots a week, a M,W,F pill on those days, pain path every 3 days, 5 pills the day of and day after each shot. One of the daily pills goes 14 days and a week off.  Ugh….. It’s like math all over again.

Hope to be at work soon, even if not every day. 4 different walls would be nice.


11 thoughts on “January 16

  1. We have missed seeing you in 456 the last few Wednesday nights. Hope to see you back soon. There are lots of prayers being said for you. God is hearing your name from so many.


  2. Prayers for you Glenn! This Thursday will be 13 years that I have been a cancer survivor. You will certainly be at the top of my prayer list and please let me know if I can do anything for you.


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