Well, after 2 days of them, I’m ready to part ways with them. In the whole scope of things, or how bad things could be, it seems trivial. If you’ve ever heard me hiccup just once or twice, you know how forceful they are. I’ve been told I can be picked out in a large class or crowded location. 

I’d wake just enough to slightly move and they’d start. Drink something and boom, they’re back . I’ve drank water, held my breath, done both at the same time. I’ve leaned over chairs, tried Sprite to see if I could burp. I even eat a spoonful of baking soda. 

Currently,  I’m on “hold” after drinking lemonade through a straw.

I feel like my sternum is about to burst. It could be a lot worse. Others are. Just keeping it in my crazy perspective. 


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