Full Body X-ray Update 

Got my 2nd chemo shot and still seem to be tolerating it so far. Thankfully the hiccups have ceased and deceased. Many thanks to everyone who offered advice on dealing with them. As one who has violent hiccups to begin with, they ravaged my sternum for about a full 24 hours, on and off. For now, they’re gone!!

Also got some results from the X-ray scans done recently. The X-rays show lesions, which are essentially where the marrow has overflown where it should be onto surrounding bones, all over. They’ve found them in my skull, spine, both upper arms, both hips, left jaw, ribs, etc. The marrow has about 80% myeloma, all of which is crowding out what should be there (I think white blood cells, red blood cells and plasma are supposed to be there. I should have paid more attention in school). 

The pain I had in my ribs and back was from this, which is being mitigated by a pain patch. It is also what is causing it now in my hips. One option might be to X-ray just the biggest lesions in hip. I don’t really know if it’ll come to that or not.

They told me, after asking how I feel, that at 80% levels of myeloma in my marrow, they would expect to see me in a wheelchair barely able to hold my head up. I was a little stunned. Then, I thought, I could have milked this a little more. Seriously though, God is good through it all. The good times, bad times, sad or happy, He is faithful and I’m learning something at 48 with a whole new perspective. This is totally out of my hands. It’s up to God and meds to do their things in their ways. 


12 thoughts on “Full Body X-ray Update 

  1. We prayed for you in 456 last night and the prayers will keep coming. We learned about going to God to find joy and that God is with the broken-hearted. I can see that you learned this lesson before us.


    • Leslie, I hope my humor goes with my last breath at 80, 90 or 100- whenever God says. Life’s too short and precious to live otherwise. In the words of Monty Python, “I’m not dead yet… I’m getting better”, and overall I feel good. Love y’all too


  2. Thanks so much for sharing, it lets us know what to pray for and boy we are praying. Keep that positive attitude, it really helps. We love you and your family. Bruce and Denise


  3. Thanks for the update! Glad to see that you are remaining positive through this ordeal…your attitude will help you stay on track.
    Love you❤❤❤


  4. Hello Glenn, glad you are sharing your life on here! Good thoughts and great prayer for you during this journey. Love your faith in God. He is so very present.


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