Radiating My Ribs….

Well… I’d wanted to work today, but this weekend proved that my body said otherwise. The pain jumped on me from the ribs which started again after standing from a chair. All weekend, I’ve felt some ribs moving and just never got ahead of the pain in them or the hips.
Saw a doctor today and we’ve decided to use radiation to fuse some ribs together in order to stabilize them. Tried walking with a cane this weekend and just couldn’t support any weight to help with walking. We begin radiation on the ribs and probably the left hip tomorrow and they’ll continue daily for a few weeks.
I got good news, in that it looks like I can participate in an Emory study which basically is all pros and no cons that we’ve seen. I’ll still go to Emory further out for stem cell treatment, but this early study shows a lot of promise as well. Hopefully Emory will get me up there in a week or so, as it has to be done fairly quick from either diagnosis or treatment.
Still taking the chemo shots well, no nausea or side effects I’ve noticed. I’m taking them Monday and Thursday , so next week, I’m off them all for a week.


2 thoughts on “Radiating My Ribs….

  1. Sounds like they’ve got it all together on the earthly side and we’re trusting and praying that GOD will continue to keep HIS mighty hand on you and your family through the days ahead.
    Love you❤❤❤


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