3 Weeks with Cancer 

In 3 short weeks,  my “new year” got off to quite a different start than I’d anticipated. I guess that’s partly why people kind of joke about telling God your plans. Let me be clear,  I dont for a moment believe He wished this on me or anything, but it’s clear He’s all involved in it. I can’t wait to see this big picture from another perspective.

I stayed out a little late last night. I got home about 10 (late-night partying…lol), hanging out with my 2nd D’ville family. I was tired, but this morning, I’m ready for church. My left hip continues to hurt, despite the right one supposedly being “worse”. I might ask the Dr if perhaps he flipped that x-ray over or something, as it doesn’t make sense to me why that is. Still, all in all, I feel really good health wise. By far, most “ailments” so far are minor compared with what they could be and most likely will be.

As I was reading stuff this morning,  I grabbed my glasses and the online print jumped into much clearer view. The images were instantly clear, words more defined and the edges of words and sentences definitely were not as fuzzy. Did anything on the online pages change though? Of course not, they were the same. They were crisp and sharp all along, it’s just my eyes which are not perfect.

My glasses only enhanced what was already there- each razor sharp font detail, letter, number, question mark or symbol. The glasses changed no fact on the printed screen. The “truth” already printed,  ready to be seen, shared, enjoyed or lived out was there. All those same details, also available to everyone equally.

Christians should do the same to God’s Word and Truth. Glasses enhance and so should we. Say we read that we should love others. To enhance it means you make it clear how to do it. We spend more time defending why it’s hard to love Group A or what Group B stands for politically, and then miss the enhancing the truth part.

Enhance: intensify, increase, or further improve the quality, value, or extent of

The question begs, will we enhance God’s Word or muddy it up?


One thought on “3 Weeks with Cancer 

  1. You never cease to amaze me with your words of wisdom and your positive attitude! I’m not sure if I’ve ever told you how much your friendship has challenged me to step up my Christian walk and for that, I am forever grateful.
    Love you all❤❤❤


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