Full Day at Work 

I had a good weekend. I awoke early this morning, anxious to work a full day. After all, two half-days last week equaled a whole day, right? My ailments as such right now have been minor, nothing too serious. My job requires sitting at a desk, so how hard could it be?

I found there is a difference in being mentally prepared to work and physically prepared to do so. Physically, it should have been easy, but it was not. Mentally, I would have been there all week. Physically, though, my body ran out of fuel this afternoon. I’m not sure if it is the radiation itself or the feeling that my hip stayed in contact with a nerve all day.

I write this to be transparent in how I feel and to document this for myself- even though I’m sharing it with you too. I just find myself having wanted a full day. It’s weird, I know, and ultimately not really worth the discussion I’ve given it.

At the suggestion of my radiation people this afternoon, tomorrow I will rest. Perhaps I’ll pray for patience….


6 thoughts on “Full Day at Work 

  1. Ok Glennerd…you need to accept the fact that it’s alright to do what you can, when you can!!! Don’t push yourself too hard or you will end up taking one step forward and two steps back😢
    Love ya❤❤❤


  2. We continue to pray for you each day. Glad you were able to go in today, but hope you take it slow and easy. Don’t be too hard on yourself! Holler at us if you need something! We’re right down the road…well, almost. (haha). We would be happy to help! Love ya!


  3. Any discussion is worth it. I feel privileged to hear your thoughts and would be glad for you to not hold back on your feelings, whatever the topic. Keep talking Glenn, we are listening.


  4. It makes perfect sense, Glenn. On a much lessor scale, as much as I hate housework, when I have been sick for a couple of days, I am anxious to get back to housework. Then, I tire myself out and it is discouraging. Love ya!


  5. Patience is one of the most difficult things about this journey. At least it was for B. Your mind tells your one thing and your body quite another. You have to learn to let your body rule sometimes. Little things become big things that normally you would have laughed off. Your faith is your best friend on the good days and the bad. My prayers will be with you. You can fight this! Sending you a hug.


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