Using a Walker

Well, I made it a 1/2 day at work Wednesday and it helped that I had started using a walker (no more crazy limping…) on Monday after the radiation treatment. I also realized the radiation was what had me so exhausted. I hit a wall like no other after it, but I took Tuesday to rest and was better. I truly hope the walker will be gone once the radiation effects have passed.

The Dr says the hip pain will take time. It’s from the lesion, caused by the myeloma pushing all the “good stuff” out of the bone. My bones are full of the lesions/holes and I’ll be glad when they’ve been repaired. When he was talking about it, his fingers made a circle about the size of a quarter,  so I’m guessing that’s also about the size of the lesion or hole.

The walker helps, so, its a part of me for a while. I met with a Nutritionist. I had worried about this- for her, not me. I left with really good information on what I need to be eating vs what I do eat. Pretty much though, I didn’t  “fail” nutrition. I have bloodwork scheduled this morning and will see if I’m maintaining weight- I had lost a few pounds- but this isn’t a time to diet.

In another small victory apple juice tastes good, so it’s not just water and coffee.

Using a walker 101:

  • Do not prop on uneven surfaces and then accidentally put downward pressure on the grips. It WILL immediately and quickly begin to move you from the standing position to another position. Luckily, I was standing on my own pretty well and avoided the end result.
  • Your friends will poke fun at you. If they don’t,  they either aren’t your friends or you’re in worse shape than you think. It’s how us men say “I love you”
  • It’s harder to back a walker up than I thought.
  • Need to find floor tiles which are a little higher than others? A walker will find every one of them, and then abruptly pause, allowing you to enjoy that moment you thought you were still going forward.

I read a quote recently- “Everybody dies, but not everyone makes a difference.” I couldnt find the source, but I wanted to share it.

… not everyone makes a difference. That is a statement to make you think. It makes you think, not only if you made a difference,  but what kind of difference you made. 

Sadly, some people simply count off the years they breathed. They didn’t live, they existed. Others live. They live incredibly exciting lives, travelling everywhere,  buying everything and then die, having never made a difference. Some people live life to the fullest- they may have everything or just barely get by- but, they leave a difference in their wake. That’s the living I want to known for.

Think about those incredible options you have. Everyone can choose. God is a God of free will. Not only can you choose,  but get this… You can change. Holy cow, you mean if you look in the mirror and dont like what you see…. Yep, that can change!

“Everybody dies, but not everyone makes a difference.” You will die some day. Hopefully, you’re convinced it’ll be around age 100, but you can still make a difference no matter how much time you have left. It doesn’t take great wealth, super secret knowledge or anything special. 

I believe as Chrst followers, leaving a difference in our wake is mandatory. Currently,  I have a whole different audience from the end of 2016. I have met all kinds of nurses, receptionists, technicians and Healthcare people I dodnt plan on meeting. Maybe God did. For most of them, I’m sure we won’t become lifelong friends and have countless opportunities to speak truth to them over the years. I will have moments to plant seeds. Moments to water. Moments which might shape them. Moments which prune them. All these moments in their lives as God grows them and I might be just one of them. You, another.

For me, it’s 4th grade boys at church, my girls and anyone else I can help who comes across my path. For you, it might be a co-worker, your best friend or someone God will allow you to cross paths with. 


14 thoughts on “Using a Walker

  1. Great food for thought this morning. I pray that I can make half of the difference in other people’s lives as you do! You are an awesome friend, teacher, encourager and “toe stepper
    Love you❤


  2. I’ve said it before and I will keep on telling you…You’re a really good writer! Thanks for your words this morning. Made me stop and think! You’ve made a difference in our lives and in the lives of our children (and it’s all good)! BTW…I hear tennis balls make those walkers a little more user friendly. Love you!!


  3. I love your sense of humor! I am sure you have made a difference in many lives. I know you did with my Brody. Continued prayers for you and your family during this time!


  4. Your comments hit close to home… walker races with you might be interesting.
    You have always been an inspiration to me with your sweet smile and sense of humor. I am praying for you brother! Continue writing and I’ll continue reading and being inspired by the difference you have made in this world!! 😘


  5. You might be a cop but you still got some preacher in you. When my daddy would hear a good story, a good quote, or sermon illustration he would always say “Now that will preach.” I am loving your blogs and have not read one yet that “wouldn’t preach.” I am so proud you have the courage to share your journey and make some positives out of this horrible situation. I know for many the temptation to crawl in a hole and hide is so tempting. I love you and am proud of you.

    Matt Howard


  6. You have made a difference in the Smith family; Actually, you invented the Smith family when you put Chris and me on the same church volleyball team 23 years ago! We love you!


  7. Glenn,

    Thank you for the example you set. You are wonderful at looking for the bright-lines that define our life as well as being optimistic about God’s plan. I loved reading this.



  8. You are well and tom and I are so happy for you. Keep up the good work and your outlook on your condition will improve and prayers will be answered.


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