Round 1

I’ll take any milestone I can get in this journey. This week was my off week on chemo, so it’s (round 1) ending today. Yesterday was my final radiation treatment as well. So I  guess that was 2 milestones. The radiation helped a lot with the ribs, but not so much yet with my hip pain. I still believe it will cease, if it doesn’t I don’t want to think about it….

Other than just being tired, I’m feeling really good. I think most of the tiredness is from the radiation, so if I’m right, I should be less tired soon.

My YouVersion devotional “10 Things To Abandon For Spiritual Growth” today was on Gossip. I read a quote once which has always stuck with me… “Gossip is like mud thrown against a wall. It may not stick, but it leaves a mark” (Some versions add a clean wall and the pun was intentional).

Gossip is probably one sin we can all both readily admit to and be very familiar with. It seems a natural one. It’s not like Armed Robbery,  which I suspect most of us have never committed let alone struggled with the urge. At least with Armed Robbery,  we most likely stay away from it because we’re lazy, not wanting to have to case the place, dress up, go out at an hour that’s good for the robbery,  but not convenient for us and then you have to plan the getaway too. See, it’s just too much work, but gossip, now that’s easy.

I shouldn’t make fun of sin. It’s serious business.  It separates us from God. It drives us apart.

Think about your best friend,  your favorite person to spend time with. Remember all the memories you’ve made and shared together? How many years have you been friends? 10? 20? 40 years? You can finish sentences, order their meals, you walk into their home like it’s yours, you call them family. Got that person in mind? Not choose something you know they hate. The next few chances you get, do that to them for a week or so.

That’s what sin is. An intentional action (sin we commit by doing) or non-action (sin we commit by not doing) directly against God. We can’t argue He deserved it, we were just joking about it or there was any valid reason for doing so.

How long would your friend put up with it? What if you continued for just a month? Think the friendship would survive?

God is more patient and forgiving for sure. As He walked to the cross, He felt the weight of every sin on Him. When the physical weight of the cross made His shoulders and legs burn, He knew how easily we’d “accept” some sins. When the nails broke through skin, slid beside nerves, ripped tendons from place and ended with a dull thud into the cross, He knew forgiveness came at a cost.

Gossip is easy, from our perspective. Not so much from His.


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