Clinical Study Consult

First off, I graduated from the walker to a cane. Today, I walked some without the cane, so I may get rid of it soon. So happy about that!

I went to Emory today for a consult with the Dr about the clinical research study as well the stem cell transplant later on. We got a lot of information thrown at us, so I’ll give you what we know now. Also, multiple myeloma has been described as both a bone and blood cancer. This Dr called it a blood cancer. This part still has me a little confused- I guess it’s a blood cancer which affects the bones. Maybe, it’s not so confusing….

If you want to read up on the study, click the link,  Emory Research Study

They really need to ( and I want to!!!) to get this started this week or next week. This means a trip every day, for 2-3 days to Emory, for this study. This will also require another bone marrow biopsy, so I have that to look forward to. I’ll be monitored for 3 years to track progress and things like that. There are 3 groups to it- with each group getting certain treatments, which I might or might not get a “vaccine” (the point of this study) or not, but long term would benefit the entire study and patients down the road.

The stem cell transplant will be most likely late April or May. This will involve the removal of my stem cells (after they been stripped clean of myeloma) and then putting them back with only what they want to go back in. He explained it as a garden (me)  with both weeds and flowers growing in it. You go in a get the flower seeds you want saved over the first day or so and store them safely somewhere else (stem cells). Then, you roundup (stronger chemo than what I’m presently taking) the entire garden over a day. Then, the good seeds get put back in to do their things. The remainder of the 2 weeks in the hospital at Emory for care of infection, etc. and then 2 more weeks staying close to Emory after the transplant.

He thinks by October, I’ll be deer hunting (I was wearing a T-shirt with a hunting logo on it). I’m excited to keep at fighting it. He mentioned there is still no cure, but I’ll be the one he’ll scratch his head wondering how I keep living. The long term treatments for longer lifespans are really common these days. I’ll take those odds any day and amaze him on the other side. Death ain’t even noticed me slowing any, but keep praying, I want God keenly aware of how many want me getting better.

“The Lord will fight for you; you need only to be still.” Exodus 14:14 NIV

I thought about the last part of that verse, “you need only to be still”. Why should I stand still? Shouldn’t I pick up a weapon and fight too? Or, shouldn’t I run for cover, away from the battle, till He can come get me? Why stand still, shouldn’t I….? Notice anything about that way of thinking? I did.

First, it involves a lot of “I” and leaves God out. Second, if God needs my help, then it seems to limit God or seems that I don’t have total faith that God does indeed “have my back”. Third, if I run for cover, am I fully relying on God to fully handle it after all.

God says to stand still. It’s in the form of a command,  with no exceptions. It is because of the first part of the verse- “The Lord will fight for you”. He’s in charge. He’s got this. He knows the outcome,  where the next attack is coming from and where the blow is aimed. If we’re running around, we’re apt to get in the way, so he wants us still (now…I know He can know where we are too, just go with my way of thinking please).

He may get others to help, but our job is to be still, to rest, to stay safe or heal up. His job is to fight. Ours is to accept help. His, to dish it out. Ours, to listen, learn and have time to grow stronger. His is to take care of the enemy and us at the same time.

Don’t get those reversed and stand in the way of God’s will, plan and best practices. 

The Lord will fight for you; you need only to be still.” Exodus 14:14 NIV


2 thoughts on “Clinical Study Consult

  1. Glenn, I know that God is with you each step of this journey. Each day there are many people praying for you your family & the Drs. You are such a strong Christian man. I am reminded of a verse that says Be still & know I am God. Much love to you & Kelly.


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