Biopsy #2

Went back to Emory for a biopsy to make sure I still have at least 20% of myeloma in my marrow. If not, it’s great for me health wise,  it just would bar me from the clinical research study.

I should have an answer within 2 weeks. My Dr expects, based on my bloodwork results, I’ll be down from 90% of myeloma to around 40%. I’m looking forward to seeing how close his estimate is. I’m guessing he’s seen enough to be really close. The biopsy will tell us the numbers.

Squeamish warning:  They used an electric drill for this one. I think it was less painful, which was opposite of what I thought when I heard it fire up. I think overall, it was better, just the discomfort once home a little worse than the first one. No pain though. Squeamish warning cancelled

We’re testing a sign up app for those wanting to help us out. So far, we haven’t needed a lot, but with more trips expected to Emory…. If it works out, we’ll post it on the blog as well as sharing it digitally. 


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