Laughter Is the Best Medicine 

Last night, we were invited into a fellow SHCC church family’s home. They simply wanted to show love to our family. It was one of our SHCC small groups, which already knew each other and regularly meet together, studying and doing life together. Going in, we were the “outsiders” as we didn’t really know some of the group very well. I actually knew probably more, as I have served in All Stars or 456 with some of them, but “outsiders” is not how we left.

We sat around the table or stood in the kitchen getting to know some very dear and new souls who are now a part of our lives. We were welcomed and went home with the feeling that we’d known them for years. We laughed together, compared our children’s antics and learned that their small group loves to spend time together.

We thoroughly enjoyed the night. If you know us, we’re introverts except for Alana, we don’t know where she gets her personality from. We are more than content to sit in the back and stay in our small circle. We always seem to have a good experience if we are forced to stretch outside our comfort zone, we just will never openly run towards it. With that said, we also know it’s good to do so occasionally too- we’ll just avoid it as long as possible.

Last night confirmed again what we know. God’s will is worked out so often through His people. He used several families to create a night in which we felt loved on. I think the laughter expressed and experienced by all was much needed and enjoyed by all.

I continue to feel better, overall, every day. The pain from the biopsy continues, but I know it will also be fading soon. I hope to soon be walking soon with just my legs and without any help. God has been gracious through this and it is clear He is right beside me every step. I have experienced no nausea or sickness from the chemo. The ribs were “fused” quickly, allowing me to use the walker/cane and stopping the pain from them. The fact that the myeloma was discovered as early as it was and the way it was, points to God. I’m able to walk, when they looked at my level of myeloma thinking I would be in a wheelchair-& that’s God at work!

So, to the families from last night,  thank you for the fun and laughter. It truly is good for the soul and most definitely was so last night. They say the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. For me, I think it’s through laughter- but food doesn’t hurt either. When they say that laughter is the best medicine, they’re right.


6 thoughts on “Laughter Is the Best Medicine 

  1. Glenard you had them fooled at first didn’t you…they let you sit at the table…I’m continuing to pray for all of you but I see God working through you by showing your strength and faith in these tough times. Love to ya


  2. So glad you enjoyed it! Sorry I couldn’t make cuz of this crud. No way was I risking you getting any of it even though they say it’s not contagious. We love you and you have been Devons best life teacher of them all! Laugh and laugh alot!! We love you


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