“Cane less”

I want to continue my thanks to all who are praying and wanting to help. I’m still blown away with people’s generosity, both financially and with wanting to help with rides, prayers, etc. I believe you have elevated me to throne room of Heaven (think squeaky wheel) and kept me in God’s attention. His healing has been poured out on me and I know it is from Him. The rides to Emory were big helps and came up rather quickly. Most likely, Emory trips are probably done until April. I’ll share a link you can sign up through when we have some days start popping up closer to then. Even though my current physical needs are not a big issue right now, I truly have been shown concern and love by the offers you make.

No major news, but I’m on my own two feet. The walker and cane were a necessary “evolution” in my progress, but so glad they’re gone and hopefully for good. They were a crutch of sorts, a help to get around without pulling the other muscles in my body out of whack.

I’ll take a momentary limp in life rather than death, which is why I came out swinging and wanting cancer dead (the “10109d” part of my blog title). This got me to thinking about quotes I had heard about faith being a crutch…. I found this one online.

We all occasionally need help. Sometimes we need a resurrection as well. Only the dead in faith need a resurrection though. There’s no shame in realizing you’re spirituality dead, just an eternal danger of ignoring that realization. Some people know it and struggle with pride in admitting it. I think some folks get stuck in the way they’ve lived and simply have a hard time changing, maybe think they have to stay living right a certain amount of time before God can accept them. Guess what, God doesn’t accept us, we accept Him. He paid the price for our sin (redemption) on the cross. That changes things. I don’t have to be perfect, right or good enough. I just have to admit that I want to surrender to Him and then start living, trying to “do right.” You’ll slip. You’ll mess up. You’ll fall. We all do.

If you’re struggling with stuff, have questions about your faith or want to know more, then be sure to act. Talk to a Christ follower you know or start reading the Bible (John is a good book to start with). Not a one of us are perfect so we won’t judge where you are- besides, we’ve been there before ourselves. Just don’t stay dead!  “… I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.” ‭‭John‬ ‭10:10‬ ‭NIV‬‬  http://bible.com/111/jhn.10.10.niv


2 thoughts on ““Cane less”

  1. Glenn, you are such an inspiration. Even on the worse days, God is in control. He holds you in the palms of His hands. Like my favorite poem, Footprints 👣 in the sand on the days you feel the lowest, He has you covered. You are in my prayers & on my heart. When I look at my red bracelet I stop & say a prayer. Love ❤ you my precious friend.


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