“Miracle Week”

This week has seemed like a miracle week as I’ve gotten better it seems every day. I truly give God thanks for what I call these “many blessings.” It’s as if He’s chosen to give me an easier path for now, while awaiting a more difficult one when at Emory.

On Feb. 2nd, I was using a walker, then a cane until last week and now my legs. That’s a “thank you” to God, for a small thing compared to what things could be, considering I saw a younger man in worse shape in the waiting room Monday. Neither of those modes of assistance with walking are particularly appealing to a 48 year old man, so not having to rely on them is something I appreciate. 

I also learned that I am not a doctor. Sunday night was the night to switch out pain patches. I pulled the old one off, took a shower and decided to see if the patches were still masking the pain or if the pain had gone, because I’d been feeling so much better and left the new one off. Well… at about 2 AM, I began to toss and turn, hurting all over. I then spent most of Monday chasing the pain away, but lesson learned!

So, I still haven’t really wrestled with “why me” yet. It’s hard to explain the peace I feel, even though I’m not in control. I guess it helps that I’m not a control freak… My job isn’t to worry, to wonder or question- although that doesn’t make those things sin. I decided early on, that I would wander (not wonder) along with God on this journey and learn what I could learn. I’m not saying He caused it either, He’s just using it to allow me to learn and grow in ways I never saw coming. “He has this” is something I’ve realized from the start. 

“By faith we understand that the entire universe was formed at God’s command, that what we now see did not come from anything that can be seen.” Hebrews 11:3 NLT http://bible.com/116/heb.11.3.NLT

All we experience, all we are and all we see comes from something we cant see. If I can understand creation being created by God’s voice, everything else is easy. 


One thought on ““Miracle Week”

  1. This post spoke into my current situation like you do not even know. Also reminded me to read Hebrews 11 again about faith! So proud of you Glenn. Love ya!


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