Half-way Through Induction 

I spend 2 weeks on chemo and then a week off of it. Half-way through the induction phase has gotten here more quickly than I would have guessed it would actually arrive. Half-way and new things pop up.

I spent the last weekend at less than ideal. Nothing big, but I just didn’t feel as great as I have been feeling. My back pain, like before my diagnosis, was back. Then, after 2 weeks of chemo, I was tired too. I worked Monday but crashed all day on the couch Tuesday. I got up this morning, feeling 100%. It was soon lived, when what felt like a low blood sugar feeling washed over me, twice in one day before lunch. That was unusual enough that I voluntarily called the doctor. Long story short,  they think the steroids got my body used to high levels and the week off chemo (and steroids) allowed it to crash- even though my bloodwork came back really good.

Who knows, but for now, I’m feeling good and plan to go at it tomorrow!

We all get used to things. We get acclimated and miss little details. We get used to sweets and just consume them instead of savoring and enjoying them. We miss the forest for the trees.

It’s easy to overlook something we see every day. It’s evidenced by not watching sunsets, driving past the mountain view and not looking at it or not thanking those closest to us.

My family has thrown themselves towards my needs. They have waited on me time and time again. From pouring juice, giving rides, fixing and serving meals, adjusting covers to anything I needed or wanted. My sister has called or texted to check on me or ask how things are. My parents are always a phone call away from a needed ride or my favorite meal. My kids have had to take care of dad a little sooner than they had planned on.

I hope they know they are appreciated. They have made this time pass so much easier because they have so unselfishly served throughout it. I hate knowing that their serving isn’t close to over yet. We still have a way to go and I appreciate it all….


4 thoughts on “Half-way Through Induction 

  1. Glenn, through all this you are blessing so any of us. We would love to the the miracle of total healing right now, but while we wait for God’s timing, thank you for your uplifting and challenging messages of faith and faithfulness. We pray for you, for Kelly, for your girls, for Elton and Virginia. May the glory of God continue to be manifest.

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  2. As always, your words lift me up and I am amazed at your faithfulness but even more by God’s grace. He loves us so much that He gave us His very best, His Son as our Redeemer and His Spirit as our Teacher and so much more. His Word guides us and reminds us of all He has done and continues do – every hour, every minute. He continues to send us His best in our family and friends to walk along this journey, with us serving us in love. And those prayer warriors, some we know and love and those we may never meet in this life but responded to requests from others. The circle grows and we know that God is good always. Praying for you and your family, thanking God for His healing now.


  3. You should not be surprised in the least at the outpouring of love and service that you are receiving. I have seen you bend over backwards time and time again to help others yourself.
    You are truly loved and cared for by so many and right now is your time to sit back and let others do for you. Soon, this will all be behind you and you’ll have the opportunity to serve others in return.
    Keep hanging tough and remember that you are loved and are constantly in our prayers❤❤❤


  4. You are amazing and we are thankful for you keep posting and we will keep praying God is good everyday we just sometimes overlook it thanks for reminding me.


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