An Opps- But Not Mine

It’s been a few days on updates. Between working more and 3 days last week in Atlanta for a class, I just haven’t gotten around to it. So, if you’re a faithful reader, I’ll try and do better.
Somehow, some of my bloodwork was compromised and my next trip to Emory (Tuesday)  will be to replace it. Thankfully,  the biopsy was not compromised. More bloodwork is a lot easier to handle and will be a quick turn-around trip.

Moments of “opps” happen. It means we’re human and just like everyone else down here. Shannon preached this AM on husbands and wives and if you missed it, go online to hear it, it’s not one to miss. We all mess up, make mistakes and hurt others- usually those closest to us too! We can’t leave things there, we must move past the opps to see what can grow from it. The opps is the valley but when forgiveness comes, therein is the mountain view. 

From the mountain top, you appreciate the valley in a different sort of way. It was not how it should have been for sure, but it grew to make the mountain view even better. Don’t settle for the valley. Don’t stay there either. Climb beyond it.


4 thoughts on “An Opps- But Not Mine

  1. Glenn, If you go to Emory University Hospital, Andy is there in G417 (CCU). We would love to see you. He will be here for about a week. Your blogs have been so informative and inspiring. You are in our prayers daily. Let us know where you are in the hospital and we will look for you. That is if you go to Emory we are at.


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