Round 4 of 4

Round 4 kicked off yesterday and yes, I know I’m behind on posting updates…

The markers they use to measure how things are going continue to show great improvement as they are way down. God’s grace continues to shine in all of this, so the prayers are working. I also received a second 30 minute treatment to help repair the bones which have been damaged by the myeloma. 

Currently,  I’m just ready to get to Emory in April/May and get this behind me. God is here with me, so that helps me be ready I guess. One of the pronosis outcomes my Dr gave me was that some doctors are beginning to toss the word “cure” around with myeloma. I remember telling him I wanted to help him use that word then.

Your outlook, when given bad news or experiencing things, can influence your outcome. Staying positive,  having hope or envisioning yourself getting past the news can be tough, but necessary. You can’t stay in that moment of diagnosis, you have to move forward. 

Moving forward is harder for some people than others. I’m fortunate that not much bothers me. I received my news and immediately knew that the fight was on. I didn’t worry too much about it, I didn’t get mad with God and I know it sounds nuts, but I didn’t even ask God “why me?”.

I know not everyone reacts this way and that’s fine, it’s not wrong/right or sinful, it’s just how we react. You react the way you do. It’s how God wired us, it’s who we are. It’s just dangerous to our well being to stay in that foggy feeling of the diagnosis. You have to start looking down the road…I know it helps when your prognosis is hopeful. Not everyone’s is. My journey might look different had I been given months to live. I want to think I’d be the same, but it would be a harder road and harder to be positive for sure. Just strive to see past the initial news and stay positive.

My family greatly appreciate everyone who has said a prayer,  offered a ride, meal or other offer of help. The encouragements and conversations, the questions of how things are going mean the world to us.

On another note, please lift up Shawn Lamb and his family, and Chris and Pattie Carnes (as well as the other family affected in their situation) in your prayers. I won’t go into the details, as most of you know what’s going on with both families, but God knows even when we pray without knowing all the details. 


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