Almost Finished with Induction

My last cycle of chemo in this Induction Phase is about through. I have one more injection and a few pills left. Now everything will begin to shift toward Emory for the stem cell transplant. 

I’m ready for my next phase and moving toward healing. I still most likely will have an uphill battle at times. Moreso the chemo mainly, as I imagine the stem cell removal shouldn’t be too bad. 

I’ll know more after next week’s two days of tests and meetings with Emory staff, so look for another update then. 

While the weather tonight is getting wild and we can’t control any of it, rest assured God has us. He knows what we need, He knows our fears or concerns. Many things in life are out of our control, but control is nothing new to God. Allow Him to do what He does best and that’s to allow His will to roll out. 

There’s no better place than within His will. Live there. Thrive there.


4 thoughts on “Almost Finished with Induction

  1. Once again, words I needed to hear. After a stormy day on all fronts, God is good. He has not only calmed the storm, but calmed me in the storm. You have many prayer warriors, and so do I. Praying for you and cheering for you!


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