Every New Beginning Comes From Some Other Beginning’s End

My Induction Phase is now complete. I have lab work left, but both the injections and chemo pills associated with it are finished. This week, I go to Emory for two days of tests. It’s weird that the last 4 months, I’ve taken stuff to knock down the myeloma, and now they’ll run me through tests to make sure I am strong enough to go through the stem cell transplant. 

The game changes now. The Velcade taken up until now, has been well tolerated. No issues with nausea or hair loss. My worst side effects seem to have been hiccups, numb hands, feet and lips and hot most of the time. I’ve only been mildly tired up until the last weekend and then it seems to have rushed in this weekend with a vengeance.

The chemo at Emory is designed to wipe the cancer which remains out. After my stem cells are collected, it’ll be time for a “reset”.  This new beginning will be very different than the Induction Phase. It is a necessary step nonetheless, but more difficult. 

So, with a reset, what changes will I make? More or less kind? More or less forgiving? More living on the edge? More playing it safe? Maybe I won’t change anything? 

All this effort I’ve put my body through to live… It’d be a waste to not live. It’d be a waste to hunker down and just stay safe. But, if I take risks, I might cut short the life I’ve fought to save… Living appeals to me. I don’t want to just survive, but I also don’t plan to live life on the edge of dying either. 

The end of April, my new beginning will come from some other beginning’s end. 


5 thoughts on “Every New Beginning Comes From Some Other Beginning’s End

  1. You’re kicking C’s tail but I wouldn’t expect anything less! So glad you seem to be doing so well and please remember, I’m a phone call away if I can do anything to lighten your load.
    Love you❤❤❤


  2. Hang in there babe…I’m living proof that regardless how hard it is living is better in the end. The aftermath can be devastating but you just thank God that he gives you strength to be thankful to be alive. Love ya. Nana


  3. Glenn, we are praying that your stem cell transplant is a complete success. We also want to thank you for visiting Andy in the hospital, it really meant a lot to us. We look forward to hearing great news about how you are beating this. Keep that positive attitude and your encouragement to others. Love the Kridles


  4. Glen, what an amazing Christian man you are. We serve an awesome God who never fails us. Many prayers as you continue your battle. Love & prayers for you, your family & the Drs. Janice


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