Getting Ready For A Transplant 

In preparation for the stem cell transplant, I underwent two days of tests earlier this week. My heart and lungs were tested, I underwent full body x-rays and met with my nurse coordinator who will be with me through the transplant process.

My lungs passed. I go Tuesday to meet a different heart Dr to get his sign off as we discovered I have slightly enlarged aorta. The technician who discovered this issue didn’t seem to think it would hold up the transplant nor be a really big deal, so I’m hoping the transplant will stay on track.

I’ll be giving myself the injections which will get the stem cells flushed into the blood. This sets up the stem cell collection the last week of April. That process will be “easy”. I’ll lay in bed, hooked to a machine, for about 5 1/2 hours for most likely 2-3 days. The weekend prior to the hospital stay, I’ll start injections given by Emory staff to offset mouth sores which the chemo I’ll get will cause.

This sets up the hospital stay, which I’ll share later.

All of the shots, pills and stuff since the diagnosis in January have set up for knocking this down. Each part has had a purpose in the overall plan. If I’d decided to skip any part, my prognosis would have changed for the worse. Our lives are like that. Each situation, each person in our lives all have a part to play. Situations test us, challenge us or help us grow and learn. Some people help us physically, others teach us and others encourage us. Some are with us short spans while others for life. 

They all, whether people, situations or events, change us somehow. For better or worse. Whether we want them to or not. 

I know many of you are praying for me and I appreciate it. Do me a favor and pray for Jason Rowell too, we both could use it.


5 thoughts on “Getting Ready For A Transplant 

  1. Always praying for you and your family! So thankful that GOD allowed me the privilege of sharing life with y’all and hope you realize how much you have impacted my family.
    Enjoy this beautiful Easter!
    We love you❤️❤️❤️


  2. You have been on my cancer prayer list since you were diagnosed. You don’t have to know a person to pray for them. We did meet at the Police Academy recently. Jason has been on my list since his diagnosis also. You both are examples of bravery and endurance. Many prayers for both of you.


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