Stem Cell Collection 

Day one of stem cell collection is going great. I just got the news that I’ll most likely collect the 12-15 million today. Someone will call me this afternoon with the numbers, but according to their calculations, it might be a one-day affair. Will keep collecting until 1 today. I will also have to be back tomorrow for labs, but this part could end quickly.

Emory has awesome nurses and doctors,  but their cooks leave a little to be desired. I may need food smuggled in when I get admitted in May. Otherwise,  I’ll lose weight dramatically. 

I’m very thankful if this can be completed today. Sometimes,  it’s the little things in life that make the most impact at just the right time.

Find something to be thankful for.  It shouldn’t take long or be that hard. First off, you woke up. You have a home, family and friends. There’s always something there, you just have to see it. 


6 thoughts on “Stem Cell Collection 

  1. Sounds like a great day. Back in my days at ACC, we would sometimes slip out late at night and make our way over to the Emory area for a foot-long hot dog at Zestos. Might beat hospital food. The mystery nutrients in hot dogs are undoubtedly good for you! Trusting you will have had a great transplant by the time we get to the US in late May.


  2. Im thankful for you and your impact on my life. Sounds like this leg of your treatment is off to a great start. Stay focused on the end and remember how much you are loved❤️❤️❤️


  3. Great to hear your first step is done . As for the food, there is great food court next to the hospital and many neat restaurants within walking distance so you won’t go hungry. Andy can testify about the lousy food. Anyway, you are in our prayers, Glenn! Love you, Bruce and Denise


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