Day “-2”

They call the chemo day, day “-2” because day “0” is the day (2 days later) when you get your stem cells back. Around 9pm tonight, I’ll get a dose of chemo to reset and kill everything.

That dose kills without discretion, without purpose, the good and bad cells alike. It’s like sin. Within it is no life. No hope. No purpose. The sole purpose of sin is to kill the soul.

If I just got the chemo and left it at that, I’d most likely die. With no immunity, no white and red blood cells, I’d receive a death sentence by itself. Coupled with my frozen stem cells, I have a chance at life.

With sin, left alone is a death sentence of hell. No hope, no life and no purpose. With Jesus, we have life. We have purpose and we have hope.

So begins the next 2 – 2.5 weeks of recovery. Another step in being as healthy as possible. Thanks to everyone who has helped me in some way to get me here and see me through it.


12 thoughts on “Day “-2”

  1. Hang in there babe…not only do you have God with you but there are millions of God loving people right there behind you praying.
    Love ya Nana


  2. Glenn – your writing is inspiring, but with comical sadness. I admire your zest for life and your amazing tactics to spell out the truth in your real life story. I am continually praying for you and your family. You are a great friend. We’re with you my brother in Christ.


  3. Glenn, our family is praying for you and we love how you are allowing God to use this to a share Truth!!! Thanks for your boldness and courage.


  4. Thank you for your heart, friendship, compassion for everyone you meet and positive nature during the midst of it all. We love y’all so much!!


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