A New Birthday 

I got my stem cells back and a lot of meds this morning to make the re-entry go smoothly. Everything went smooth and the 30 minute re-entry took all of 7 minutes. The meds had be a little loopy and I was tired afterwards for awhile. A brief nap cured that….
I walked outside for awhile and spent time with Alana while Jordan and Kelly went looking for a restaurant a little further than I dared to try walking. The mask gets claustrophobic and hard to breathe through in long walks.
The nurses came by and sang “Happy Birthday” to me and placed balloons on my door. The birthday is because my immune system being like a new born baby’s immune system. I’ve had some great nurses here! 
Over the next couple of days, I begin the decent into the “basement ” which is the low-point and the worst feeling part of chemo. It’ll last appx. 4-6 days and then the stem cells should be rebuilding things. Everything is one step closer to a healthier me, so it’s worth it. 
Btw, I didn’t smile…..


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