Day 4

Here I am, 4 days after receiving my stem cells. Someone asked me what my day is like… so here goes.

I’ll start with a 24 hour timespan. Around midnight,  I get woke up for bloodwork.  At least it’s taken though the central line, it’s easier.

Around 6-7, I wake up. This means blood pressure and temp checks aren’t far away. Then breakfast. I’ve about settled for cereal until I’m sure the nasueau will not visit, just to be safe. The last few morning have had me tied to IV bags, replacing what levels are falling. Then meds, mostly pills, but one injection. 

I spend some time walking each day, as they want me to stay as active as possible.  The goal is a mile a day. Broken over several times, it isn’t too bad. By mid afternoon,  I usually pile up in bed or on the couch and rest, unless I have visitors. 
Over the day, nurses come and go. Questions are asked of me about walking, eating,  pain levels, etc. The room is cleaned and bed made up.

A doctor comes by- still telling me the same stuff the nurses tell me I should be doing. He also tells me I’ll get through the basement period and be feeling better soon. 

Dinnertime comes and goes. More TV, watching my family hang out with me and realizing that I’m blessed they’re here. I also know they’re bored too! Jo and Kelly read, Alana sleeps. In an instant, any of them will go walk with me to help me pass my time. So blessed to have them here!

At some point, I have these antiseptic wipes to wipe down with before bedtime. More blood pressure and o2 checks. Before I know it, they’ll wake me up around midnight for more bloodwork. 

That’s my day! It isn’t too bad and could be a lot worse. I’ve been able to leave the floor, leave the hospital, eat what I want…. The mask stinks because it’s required,  but it protects.

Many times, what protects is what we hate. We get as close to sin as possible. We hate the commands, the Bible or laws while all the while, they’re what affords us safety. They’re this large bubble of safety and we stand at the edge poking it and then complaining when it pops.

Don’t forsake what keeps you safe!


4 thoughts on “Day 4

  1. Wow, busy bee. My dad hated hospitals cuz they wake you as soon as you get to sleep!
    lol Devon says hi, i talked to him on mothers day. He asked about you. Crazy he loves military school!!! If he makes it to Sunday he than becomes a cadet! He said he wants his uniform and boots. Lol wait till he has to march in them, dont think he going to love them any more. If you get bored and want to snail mail him he would love it.
    Feel better hang in there we love ya DAWN


  2. Glenn, continue to lift you up to our Lord in prayers. I am so thankful for the successful surgery, God is so good. I pray each day you will become stronger, love you my friend.


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