Yet Another Update 

I’m really behind in updates. In case you’re further behind than I am, I was released from the hospital May 25th. I spent about a week in a hotel close by Emory and then came home.

During the hospital stay, the stem cells were replaced and seem to be doing their job. I did manage to get some kind of infection in my blood. This required an antibiotic through a central line in my arm (the one in my chest was swapped out for the arm) every 8 hours until June 4. On June 5th, the line was removed and during a stop at the clinic, I was sent to the ER and spent from about 10:30 – 9:30 there.

During the ER stay, my heart rate was around 130 when sitting and 145 when standing. They are still not sure why, but my heart rate was elevated (not that high) during the hospital stay. It continues to stay over 100 just sitting. Needless to say, that was a long and tiring day. Most of that week, I felt really bad, but around Thursday, I turned the corner. By Sunday (11th), I went to church, which was my first trip anywhere in awhile.

Some other news:

During the hospital stay, Kelly’s car became possessed. It wouldn’t start, then the wheels locked up. It had to be towed…..  Things that were sweet, they became something I couldn’t stand for a week or so after getting home. Juices, coke, etc were all something I couldn’t stand. Even flavored water was terrible, but that’s all back to normal now….  There’s all kinds of things I have to avoid- certain foods, fresh water lakes, dirt, etc. I’ll have to be immunized again in a few months. 

So there it is, in a nutshell, my life the last month. I thought I’d be back after a week or two, but my strength is just going to return more slowly than expected.

Thank you to those who prayed, called, texted and/or visited.


4 thoughts on “Yet Another Update 

  1. Well we are still praying and fighting this with you. Slow is ok, pretend you a crock pot! Lol we love you and Devon is doing well in military school. He even summited a letter for some high up position, and was told its the best letter they have ever received. Prayers he now makes through the one on one interviews. Hopes to see you soon. Rest


  2. Glenn, so thankful for answered prayers. You are a wonderful example of putting your life in God’s hands with the most faith. I pray that each & every day you grow stronger & that your faith in God never fails. You have set an example for all of us. Love & prayers my friend.


  3. Great to hear you are on the road to recovery. We are continuing to pray for you and your family, Glenn. I know you will be glad when you can get out more. That day will come!


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